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Chain Link Fence Supplies

Chain link fencing is a great way to add security and privacy to any property. Pierce Fence Company specializes in installing chain link fences to provide a durable, long-lasting solution for properties of all sizes. Chain link is one of the first styles of fencing that has been around since 1855 it is a true testament of time. 

Not all chain link is created equal! There are many specs and components to it. 

Chain link is very versatile and the fencing can be installed in a variety of heights and colors to match any landscaping design. Chain link is also a great option to secure a pool as it can meet pool code compliance. You can add slats if you are looking for privacy but also want the durability of chain link. If you receive a significant difference when comparing costs there is a reason. There are so many varieties of pipe sizes and the gauge in the fabric, be sure to ask what you are getting. Some installers also like to cut their cost by simply driving the post instead of anchoring them in wet mix concrete. Chain link is a 3-day install at minimum, the post is set the first day and needs to cure for up to 72 hours before the fabric can be stretched.  

Pierce Fence Company has the experience and expertise to install chain link fences. With their quality products and services, Pierce Fence Company can help to ensure that any property is secure and protected.

The most popular styles of chain link fences:

  • All black vinyl coated chain link (pic shown)
  • All galvanized (pic shown) this will be the most economical style when choosing a chain link fence.

You can mix and match by having a galvanized frame with a vinyl-coated fabric. As some folks feel that galvanized alone is too commercial looking. Whichever you prefer Pierce Fence can help. 

We stock a variety of chain link parts. Call our office today to receive your free chain link fence estimate. 302-674-1996 or fill out the online form to get started. 

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