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Does Pierce Fence Company locate underground utilities?
Yes. We will contact Miss Utility. However, Miss Utility does not mark private lines. For example if you had a pool installed and had electric lines ran to the pumps or a shed, you as the home owner are responsible for marking the lines out before our crew arrives.

What is the scheduling process?
Your install will be placed on our schedule in a chronological order. Please be aware that the start date could vary one to three weeks depending on the scope of the project, availability of materials, permits, current workload and weather.

Will Pierce Fence remove an existing fence?
Yes, we can remove and haul away or just removal. This can be priced separately from your install.

Do I need to get a permit?

Every municipality is different and building codes and fees can vary. If a permit is needed you have two options:

Option 1 - Apply for it yourself and let us know when you receive it.

Option 2 - We can handle it for you. We will prepare the paper work, drop off the application at the required destination, pay the permit fee and pick your permit up when it is ready. A convenience fee will apply.

Will you install directly on the property line?
We will install on the property line, however we suggest that you hold the fence line in 2 – 6 inches depending on the diameter of hole needed for the fence post.

I want to install the fence myself. Can I buy the materials from you?
Yes, we stock a wide range of materials and we are willing to answer any installation questions you may have as well.

How tall can I get my fence?
In most areas, you can have up to a 6' high fence in your back yard. Front and side yard fence heights vary by your location, as well as types of privacy fences allowed in certain areas. We suggest that you check with your homeowners' association and/or city or county zoning department for specifics in your neighborhood.

How many types of fence do you install?
Pierce Fence installs a wide range of residential and commercial fencing. No job is too small or too large.

What kind of warranties can I expect?
Warranties depend on the type of fence you choose. There are manufacture limited warranties on all of our fences, except wood. Wood fences have many factors that affect their life expectancy, such as, but not limited to climate, sun exposure, water table, insect populations and the type of wood you choose. We, ourselves, do offer a limited warranty on Red Cedar. Upon signing a contract with us please request our workmanship warranty card. You should keep the warranty card for your records dated with when your fence was installed. Our workmanship is backed by a warranty for up to 5 years*.

I have my property plot plan. Do I still need a survey?
If you are unclear as to where your property lines are, it is advisable that you have the property surveyed prior to the installation of your new fence. A plot plan only gives you approximate dimensions as to were the property lines stop and start. Many times, the plot plan will say that the plot plan is not intended for the establishment of property lines. We can provide you with info to an independent survey company at your request. If you elect not to have the property surveyed and are comfortable as to where your property lines are, it is your responsibility to show our crew where the placement of the fence is going to be.