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Vinyl Fence Supplies

One of the top fencing materials on the East Coast is VINYL. If you made it here, that means you are researching. We won’t bore you with a drawn-out article because we know your time is important. Let's get to it, here is the rundown on vinyl fence.

Vinyl, aka PVC fence, is low maintenance. The most important factor to know is that not all vinyl fence is created equal. If the vinyl is being used as a sleeve over wood… A high-quality vinyl fence does not need wood, if it involves wood that is your sign it is a recycled, low-quality, type of vinyl that will also require brackets. A true virgin vinyl fence has a routed post where the rails from the fence panel are inserted into the post. Some styles will also have aluminum inserts in the rails to prevent sagging. All vinyl fences no matter the height should be installed 3 feet into the ground along with concrete. All of our vinyl fence panels come 8' in length. 

Why choose a vinyl fence:

  • Low maintenance: maybe a quick wash with soap & water every few years.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: comes in various styles, colors, and textures.
  • Cost Effectiveness: expect to save money on repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Durability: resistance to rotting, rusting, and termite infestation

We offer various styles and colors in vinyl however, listed in chronological order are the 5 most popular ones. These 5 styles are what we call standard and are in-stock items. They cover a lot of HOAs regulations, all can be made Pool Code friendly, and they are the most cost-effective choices when purchasing in white. 

Description of the vinyl fence styles in order from top to bottom.

1st: Harbor style is shown in 4' high w/standard 3"  space (meets Pool Code). It is available in other heights and you may change the picket space to a more narrow spacing. Space changing will increase the cost of the panel. 


2nd: Retreat style is shown in 6' high and is available in 3', 4', 5', and 8'. Essentially the Retreat is the Solitude style with a decorative top.   


3rd: The Biltmore is a classic picket fence. It is shown in 4' high w/standard 3" spacing with dog ear picket caps. You can opt to have spade picket caps as an alternative.


4th: Solitude style is shown at 6' high which is the standard height for this style. It's created with T&G pickets that interlock. Other heights available are 3', 4', 5', and 8'. This privacy fence can be upgraded with different "tops" such as lattice, opened picket, and closed picket. You can get creative and have the pickets in tan and the frame/post in white. 


5th: The American Dream is another classic. The picture features a 4' high w/standard 3" spacing and dog ear picket caps. Again, you can opt to have a spade picket cap.

All 5 styles are available in other colors however, the most cost-effective color is white. If you are looking to give your fence a little decorative edge you can upgrade the post caps from the standard horse caps that are featured and choose from New England, Gothic, or Ball cap.

We hope this section was helpful and if you are thinking of having a vinyl fence installed the Pierce Fence team is the right one to get the job done. Contact our office today at 302-674-1996 or complete our online form.


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Pictures shown were installed by a Pierce Fence crew.