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Aluminum Fence Supplies

Aluminum fencing has become increasingly popular among homeowners for its sleek and classic look, low maintenance, and affordability. For these reasons, aluminum fence is an ideal solution for many customers of Pierce Fence Company.

Aluminum fences are made of aluminum alloy and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and grades. This type of fencing is great for enclosing a yard or garden, providing a sense of security, and creating a classic and attractive look. Aluminum fences are also extremely durable, and they won’t corrode or rust like steel and chainlink. They are also low maintenance, so they require minimal upkeep.

Aluminum fences are also very affordable. They can be pretty cost-effective compared to other types of fencing, such as wood or vinyl. This makes them a great choice for any budget. They also require very little in terms of installation, so they can be installed quickly and easily.

Aluminum fencing is also incredibly versatile. It can be used to enclose a yard, garden, pool, or other area. It can also be used to create a visual barrier between properties or to add a decorative accent to a home.

The 3 styles of aluminum fence shown on this page are in-stock items at Pierce Fence. These three styles are the most cost-effective option among aluminum.

Description of each style shown from top to bottom labeled by name. Standard aluminum fence is 6' in length and installed with concrete to each post.

1st: Audrey is shown at a height of 4' high. This style is a closed top 3 rail with a traditional bottom (TB). This style only meets pool-code for Sussex County as they follow a different code other than BOCA.


2nd: Chance is shown at a height of 54" and is similar to Audrey but has a flush bottom (FB). This is a popular pick among Pierce Fence customers that have or plan to have an in-ground pool as this meets the BOCA pool code. 


3rd: Garrison is the most cost-effective aluminum fence. This is primarily used around in-ground pools but because it has an economical cost it is a popular pick for general use. It comes in 48" - 2 Rail only. The Garrison is commonly installed in sleek black but is available in other colors. Black is what we keep in stock and will save you money as it is readily available.  

We hope this section was helpful and if you are thinking of having an aluminum fence installed the Pierce Fence team is ready to help with your project. Contact our office today at 302-674-1996 or fill out our online form.




Pictures shown were installed by a Pierce Fence crew.